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To get my conclusion regarding Admissionado, I examined reviews posted by clients who have worked with Admissionado and their admission counselors on sites such as GMAT Club, Reddit, Youtube, EduReviewer, Facebook, Linkedin, and even Amazon. These comments were submitted by customers who used the company’s various packages and resources, including the Deluxe and Basic packages.

When it was possible, I attempted to contact some of the clients. However, just a few people responded and asked that their names not be mentioned on my site.

Clients regularly emphasized the competence and individualized counsel offered by a specific college admission adviser, John Miles, in these reviews. Many clients stated that John Miles was able to spot strengths and flaws in their profiles and provide specific guidance and support to assist them in developing strong application materials.

Clients also valued Admissionado’s accessibility and kindness in answering questions and addressing problems. As a result, I can state that their customer service is quite good.

Admissionado’s Reviews Online

Admissionado reviews from clients on GMAT Club

Clients also stated that Admissionado’s services, such as expert editing and review of application papers and mock admissions interviews, helped them increase their chances of admission to their selected colleges and institutions.

A few clients also remarked that with the team’s assistance, they were able to get scholarships and grants, which may be a substantial benefit for students wanting to finance their education.

While a few clients expressed concern that the expense of employing college admission advisers may not be affordable for all students, the vast majority of clients seems to believe that the services provided by Admissionado and, in particular, John Miles are worthwhile investments.

These testimonials indicate that clients are pleased with Admissionado’s services and believe they can considerably boost a student’s chances of success in the tough realm of college admissions.

Verdict: Does It Worth It?

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Clients appear to be generally pleased with the services offered by Admissionado and its consultant John Miles. Many clients expressed gratitude to John Miles and his colleagues for assisting them in developing outstanding application materials and providing continued support throughout the college admissions process. So, in my opinion, John Miles and Admissinado are among the best college admissions consultants out there.

Former clients believe that the team’s expert editing and analysis of application papers, mock admissions interviews, and continuous assistance and coaching can considerably boost a student’s chances of admission to their selected institution or university.

But, once again, while there is no guarantee of acceptance, clients believe that Admissionado’s services can considerably boost a student’s prospects of success in the competitive world of college applications.

So, if I had to compile a list of advantages and disadvantages for these Admissionado reviews, it would look like this:

Pros and Cons

✔️ Admissionado provides professional editing and assessment of your application materials, including the personal statement, to guarantee that all documents are polished and professional.

✔️ Admissionado’s team provides personalized assistance and counseling tailored to your specific objectives and interests, assisting you in navigating the college admissions process and making educated decisions.

✔️ Scholarship opportunities: Admissionado offers links to scholarship opportunities that can assist you in paying for your education.

✔️ Financial aid and scholarship application assistance: The team can assist you in navigating the financial aid and scholarship application process and maximizing your chances of receiving financial support.

✔️ Mock admissions interviews are available through Admissionado to help you practice and get more comfortable with the interview process.

✔️ Ongoing assistance and direction: Throughout the college admissions process, the team provides ongoing support and guidance, assisting students in staying on track and making educated decisions.

✖️ Hiring Admissionado is not cheap, and it may not be feasible for all students.

✖️ There is no 100% assurance of acceptance: While John or any other Admissionado counselor can increase your chances of acceptance, there is no guarantee that you will be admitted into your selected institution or university.

College Admission Alternatives

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How much does Admissionado cost?

Admissionado’s fees vary depending on the level of service you select and the number of institutions to which you apply. College counseling costs $1,650 and can increase to $4,620, while application consulting costs $5,400 and can increase to $9,880.

Is Admissionado a reputable company?

Admissionado provides a variety of services to assist students in through the college admissions process. Expert editing and evaluation of application papers, personalized advice and counseling, connections to scholarship options, assistance with financial aid and scholarship applications, mock admissions interviews, and continuous support and direction throughout the admissions process are some of the services provided.

Can Admissionado guarantee acceptance?

No, Admissionado cannot guarantee admission to a specific institution or university. While they can boost a student’s prospects of acceptance, the final decision is always made by the admissions committee of the school in question.

Does worth it?

Whether or if it is worthwhile to employ a college admissions consultant such as Admissionado or John Miles is a personal decision based on your own circumstances and needs. Some students may believe they can manage the admissions process on their own and do not require outside help. Others may believe that the advice and support provided by a consultant is worthwhile. Finally, the decision is yours.