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At our small team, we take the tasks of reviewing college admission consulting services very seriously. We understand that choosing a consultant can be a big decision, which can cost you your future and we want to provide our users with as much information as possible to help them make an informed choice.

To review college consultants and test prep services, we first gather as much information as we can about the company, its services, material, and prices. This included reading through their website, looking at customer reviews and ratings, and speaking with former clients mostly.

Next, we carefully analyze all of this information to identify the key features and benefits of college admission companies. We look at the range of services they offer, the qualifications and experience of their consultants, and the overall level of support and guidance they provide to their clients.

We also considered any potential drawbacks or limitations of the company’s services, such as high costs or the lack of a guarantee of acceptance into a particular college or university.

Finally, we analyze all this information and provide comprehensive reviews, including a description of the services, a list of pros and cons, and our overall thoughts on the company. If we find that users online and our small team have a similar positive opinion on the firm, we might partner with this company in the future to help more people online to avoid poor choices. As of now, we are only partnered and affiliated with a couple of college consultants that behave adequately with their clients [at least with former clients we had experience chatting with online; note that that might change in the future and so will our opinion and rating] and with us when we contacted them.

We hope that our thorough and unbiased reviews will help YOU, our readers, make an informed decision about whether a particular college admissions consultant is the right fit.