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In today’s review, I will share my thoughts on a renowned player in the field of college admission consulting, drumroll, please…I am writing a Prepory review. Does this company earn its place among the best college admissions consultants available online? Let’s see.

However, spoiler alert, I’ll uncover some grey areas from the Prepory college counseling reviews as well later in this article.

My focus points for this review will be:

  1. Effectiveness of their Coaching
  2. Quality of their Counselors
  3. Communication
  4. Success Stories
  5. Value for Money
  6. Professionalism
  7. Overall Experience

I’ll also conclude with a final verdict. So, without further ado, let’s delve into the virtual world to see what I can uncover about Prepory college admission couceling services.

What Is

Prepory, according to their online profile, offers one-on-one guidance for students, encompassing extracurricular profiles, personal statements, course selection, college applications, and unlimited support.

prepory account

Their website is user-friendly and comprehensive, providing clients with access to a personal dashboard they call My Prepory. This dashboard includes features like collaboration tools, Zoom call scheduling with counselors, a task list, and a university checklist. Prepory’s mobile application further demonstrates their commitment to accessibility and convenience.

Prepory Team

Their team of experts, who have a proven track record of assisting students globally in earning acceptance into elite U.S. colleges like Harvard, MIT, Amherst, Stanford, UCLA, NYU, Johns Hopkins, UPenn, and more, is one of their key selling points.

prepory team

Prepory prides itself on offering tailored support for high schoolers aiming to boost their college acceptance odds. Data available online suggests that Prepory counselors can, in some cases, increase admission chances to top-tier colleges by over 40%. This certainly speaks volumes about the quality of their counselors.

Extra Services

In addition to serving college-aspiring students, Prepory broadens its scope to include professionals, employed individuals, and anyone seeking to better their life circumstances. This expansion of services adds another feather to their cap.

Counseling Process

Prepory’s one-on-one consulting services typically span over 1.5 months (90 days), a time frame that many clients find adequate. They offer several communication channels, with the contact form being the most efficient for personalized service proposals.

The support team, similar to most college admission consulting firms, is amicable and responsive.

Shifting the focus to success stories, I managed to connect with three anonymous Prepory clients. All three had successful admission experiences, but two had to reassess their target universities based on Prepory’s guidance.

While the specifics remain confidential, one client who initially aimed for an Ivy League institution had to modify their plans. This might seem like a setback, the client was ultimately not satisfied with their admission outcome. That’s not gonna happen with college consultants from Admissionado, though.

prepory google reviews

It’s noteworthy, though, that there is a scarcity of Prepory reviews or success stories online, which could indicate Prepory’s relatively recent entry into the market or simply a lack of success stories to share yet.

How Much Does Prepory Cost?

Examining their pricing structure, Prepory’s charges range from several hundred to thousands of dollars, aligning with market averages. You can pay hourly $300/hour or for packages that start at $4,500.

prepory cost
Prepory pricing

However, their promise of results within the first 90 days could potentially save clients some funds compared to services that deliver results over a 6-7 month period.

Alternatives to Prepory

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Grey Areas

One area where Prepory falls short is the surprisingly low number of reviews or success stories available online. This could be due to the company’s relatively recent establishment or perhaps a modest number of success stories thus far. This scarcity of public testimonials makes it challenging to gauge the overall impact and effectiveness of their services from the perspective of the broader client base.

I had a chance to find some bad reviews about their career coaching, but this is not connected to their college admission services, so will not focus on this in my Prepory college counseling review.

I have also looked through Reddit threads but had bad luck finding any success or bad stories from Prepory users, except for official u/PreporyCoaching feedback for questions from potential clients in different threads and niche subreddits.

prepory reddit reviews

An encouraging note is that Prepory maintains a reasonably active social media presence, an important element in today’s digitally connected world. Their activity, however, is not as vibrant as some of their competitors in the college admission consulting space, lacking in the number of likes, comments, and followers. 

This could possibly be attributed to the company’s novelty, I’m not sure. And it may improve as the company continues to grow and engage with its audience.

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In terms of overall experience, based on client feedback, online reviews, and my personal interaction with their team, Prepory appears to be a reliable contender in the market, deserving of more attention.

Verdict: Is Prepory Good?

After thorough analysis and careful consideration of all the information at hand, it seems that Prepory offers a solid, reliable service in the realm of college admissions consulting. Their user-friendly website, personal dashboard, mobile application, and tailored counseling show a keen focus on customer experience and satisfaction.

Their proven track record of successful admissions into elite U.S. colleges and the flexibility of their services to include not only aspiring college students, but also professionals and individuals seeking personal growth, further solidifies their credibility in the field.

The only visible drawback seems to be the scarcity of public success stories or reviews, which could be attributed to the relatively recent establishment of the company. However, the satisfaction expressed by the anonymous clients I spoke with can’t be ignored.

In terms of pricing, while their fees are within the average market range, their promise of tangible results within 90 days could offer a cost-effective solution for those seeking timely assistance in the college admissions process.

Despite the paucity of online reviews or success stories, Prepory has managed to carve a niche for itself in the college admissions consulting market with its robust and effective services. Their approach to customer service, the quality of their counseling, and their commitment to delivering timely results are noteworthy. If you’re considering college admissions or career coaching, Prepory could indeed be worth exploring. 

To conclude this Prepory review, as always, due to the potential variability in individual experiences, it is wise to conduct personal research and perhaps schedule a consultation to see if their services align with your specific needs. But if you ask me, I cannot recommend going with Prepory and rather go with one of the following college admissions consulting companies.


What are Prepory fees for college counseling?

I could find out that you’d have to pay from several hundred for basic coaching sessions and up to several thousand for their college admission counseling packages. You can spend $300/hour hourly or for packages starting at $4,500.

Is Prepory legit?

Yes, mostly legit. I can tell you that Prepory college counseling services have received mostly positive reviews and testimonials. Still, there are not too many success stories available on the web, so the decision is yours.