Shemmassian Academic Consulting Review

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As a seasoned college admission consulting professional, I am keenly interested in understanding the services provided by various firms in this industry. Today, I would like to share my Shemmassian Academic Consulting review.

The company has been offering admissions consulting services for college and medical school applicants, focusing mainly on medical students and colleges.

Let me begin with their primary services and packages.

What Are Their Main Services?

shemmassian consulting review

Shemmassian Academic Consulting offers a suite of services designed to guide students through the often daunting college and medical school application process. Their services are personalized, aiming to cater to each student’s unique needs and aspirations.

One of their key offerings is guidance on essay writing. Crafting a compelling and authentic personal statement is a critical part of the application process, and Shemmassian’s team provides feedback and advice to help students present their stories effectively. They aim to help students avoid clichรฉs and common pitfalls and, instead, create essays that resonate with admissions committees.

Another significant aspect of their service is interview preparation. Interviews can be nerve-wracking for many students, and Shemmassian offers coaching to help students present themselves confidently and answer questions effectively. 

Their goal is to help students turn interviews into opportunities to further highlight their strengths and suitability for their chosen programs.

For students aiming for medical school, Shemmassian also offers MCAT prep. The MCAT is a challenging exam, and a high score is often crucial for admission into top medical schools. Shemmassian’s team provides strategies and resources to help students prepare for and excel in this critical exam. claims to have a high success rate, suggesting that its approach and services have proven effective for many students. 

Nonetheless, it’s important to remember that each student’s situation is unique, and success can depend on many factors beyond the control of any consulting service.

What’s Included in Those Packages?

The specifics of Shemmassian’s packages are not publicly disclosed on their website, which can make it challenging for potential clients to compare their offerings with other services. 

However, based on the information available, it appears that their packages are designed to provide comprehensive support for the application process.

shemmassian consulting reviews

This likely includes guidance on selecting appropriate high school courses and extracurricular activities, advice on college selection, help with managing applications, resume building, and interview counseling. For medical school applicants, it also includes MCAT prep and advice on applying to BS/MD, BA/MD, and BS/DO programs.

The lack of specific information about what’s included in their packages could be a drawback for some potential clients. It’s always beneficial for students and parents to have a clear understanding of what they’re paying for. 

Therefore, anyone considering Shemmassian’s services should reach out to them directly for more detailed information about their packages.

Their Team

The team at Shemmassian Academic Consulting comprises highly educated professionals with impressive academic backgrounds. 

shemmassian college admission consultants

Here are some of the advisors:

  1. Shivani Radhakrishnan. Shivani holds a B.A. from Princeton, an M.Phil. from Oxford, and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. at Columbia. Her diverse educational background and ongoing academic pursuits suggest a deep commitment to education and a broad base of knowledge.
  2. Dan McConnell. Dan is a double graduate of Columbia, holding a B.A. and an M.D./M.B.A. His combination of medical and business education could provide valuable insights for students interested in pursuing similar interdisciplinary paths.
  3. Kathy Ku. Kathy has an impressive array of degrees from prestigious institutions. She holds a B.A., M.S., and M.B.A. from Harvard, and an M.D. from Stanford. Her extensive education across multiple fields could offer a well-rounded perspective to students.
  4. Fernando Rojas. Fernando has a B.A. and M.A. from Yale, is currently pursuing an M.Phil. at Cambridge, and a J.D. at Yale. His ongoing studies in both the UK and the US could provide valuable insights for students considering international education.

The team’s impressive academic credentials suggest a high level of expertise in the field of college admissions. 

Nevertheless, it’s important to note that academic credentials alone do not guarantee effective guidance and support in the complex and often subjective college admissions process.

Do They Offer Any Extra Services?

In addition to their main services, they also offer online resources such as blog posts, guides, and reviews from previous clients. These resources can provide additional support and insights for applicants.

Their Pricing and Guarantees

Shemmassian Consulting maintains a policy of not publicly disclosing their pricing structure. They do, however, offer a free initial consultation to discuss prospective students’ goals and needs. 

In addition to this, Shemmassian offers a satisfaction guarantee. While the specifics of this guarantee are not detailed, it suggests a level of confidence in the quality and effectiveness of their services.

Of course, I tried to reach their team with a free inquiry to get that pricing.

shemmassian college admission consultanting inquiry

During this consultation, I thought they should provide a personalized quote based on the required services. They also said they have a flexible payment plan, which could be beneficial for families needing to spread the cost over time.

Unfortunately, they said that the best way to get the exact quote is to use their 300 bucks paid consultation so they can dive deeper into my case and provide me with a suitable option.

So, the lack of upfront pricing information could be a concern for some potential clients. Transparency in pricing allows families to budget appropriately and compare services across different college admission consulting firms.

To put things into perspective, consider the average tuition for medical school in the United States in 2023:

  • $39,153 (in-state, public medical schools)
  • $65,744 (out-of-state, public medical schools)
  • $67,294 (in-state, private medical schools)
  • $67,855 (out-of-state, private medical schools)

Given these figures, the cost of a consulting service is an additional expense that families need to factor into their budgeting. Therefore, clear information about the cost of such services is crucial in making an informed decision about your future education.

While Shemmassian Academic Consulting offers a range of services and a satisfaction guarantee, the lack of transparency in their pricing could be a significant drawback for some families.

Their Professionalism in Terms of Reviews Available Online

While many reviews for Shemmassian Academic Consulting are positive, there are some negative reviews, and they look more reliable than hundreds of typical success stories. 

That raises concerns about their professionalism and service quality. 

Here are few examples:

A reviewer on Reddit stated: “Absolutely not worth the money. The free YouTube videos are more informative than the paid counseling. The website features Ivy League graduate counselors but you never get them. They are also very inflexible when it comes to modifying your package if you need to.”

Another Reddit user shared: “Stay away. After the first few sessions the counselor puts very little effort and have late responses, Shirag is good at selling his product to you during the initial call but the actual service leaves much to be desired.” reviews

A Yelp reviewer warned: “BE CAUTIOUS OF THEIR 14-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! I would recommend that you read the fine print of the 14-day money back guarantee very carefully… They presented us with a $1000+ invoice (to be subtracted from our refund) for welcome emails, and reviewing a generic survey our son filled in order to assign a consultant to us, who we didn’t even meet!!!”

Another Yelp user shared a similar sentiment: “We were impressed with the articles on Shirag’s web site and expected the service to be extraordinary based on those. However it did not amount to anything more than a mediocre to lousy essay review/feedback service.”

shemmassian yelp reviews

These reviews suggest potential issues with Shemmassian Academic Consulting’s service quality, flexibility, and money-back guarantee. They also raise questions about the authenticity of some of the more positive reviews, given the lack of specific details about pricing and packages.

Grey Areas of Shemmassian (Their 5 Worst Sides)

This is what most of you have been waiting for in this Shemmassian consulting review, and some of you might even skip all the previous parts, so here you got it.

Lack of Pricing Transparency keeps its pricing private, which can be a significant drawback for potential clients. When families are planning for the substantial financial commitment of higher education, having clear, upfront information about costs is crucial. 

This lack of transparency makes it difficult for families to compare Shemmassian’s services and costs with other consulting firms, potentially leading to unexpected expenses down the line.

Potential NDA Contracts

The absence of price and package details in online reviews could suggest the existence of non-disclosure agreements with clients. If this is the case, it may limit the transparency of client experiences and make it harder for potential clients to get a full understanding of what they can expect from Shemmassian’s services. 

It’s important for families to have access to honest, detailed reviews when making a decision about college admissions consulting services.

Possibility of Fabricated Reviews

The uniformity of the reviews, coupled with the lack of specific details, could raise suspicions about their authenticity. Genuine reviews often include a range of experiences and specific details about the services received. 

The lack of such details in Shemmassian’s reviews could suggest that they have been curated or even fabricated, which would be a serious ethical concern. 

Potential clients must be able to trust the reviews they read when deciding on a service.

Limited First-Hand Medical School Experience

The founder of Shemmassian Academic Consulting, Dr. Shemmassian, holds a PhD, not an MD/DO. While a PhD is a significant academic achievement, it does not provide the same first-hand experience of the medical school application process that an MD/DO would have. This could potentially limit the depth and relevance of the advice provided for medical school applicants.

Inflexibility in Modifying Packages

Some users have reported that the company needs to be more flexible when it comes to modifying their service packages to suit the clients’ needs better. 

This lack of flexibility could be a disadvantage for families who may need to adjust their services based on changing circumstances or needs. 

A more client-centered approach that allows for adjustments could be more beneficial and provide a better customer experience.

Final Verdict

I have to say that the process of gathering details when writing this Shemmassian Academic Consulting review was quite a tough one. In light of the information compiled, my professional opinion is that while Shemmassian Academic Consulting does offer a variety of services and boasts a high success rate, there are several areas of concern that potential clients should be aware of. 

The lack of transparency in their pricing, the potential existence of non-disclosure agreements, the uniformity of online reviews, and the reported inflexibility in modifying service packages are all significant red flags.

Furthermore, the absence of clear information about their team structure and their founder’s limited first-hand medical school experience could impact the quality and relevance of the advice provided. 

These factors, combined with the negative experiences shared by some users, suggest that the quality of service may not consistently meet the expectations set by their marketing materials.

Given these concerns, I would advise potential clients to proceed with caution when considering Shemmassian Academic Consulting. Numerous other college admission consulting services like BeMO or Admissionado offer greater transparency, more flexible service options, and more verifiable client experiences.

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In the complex and often stressful process of college admissions, it’s crucial to choose a consulting service that has the necessary expertise and operates with transparency, flexibility, and a genuine commitment to client satisfaction.


How much does Shemmassian admissions consulting cost?

Shemmassian Academic Consulting does not publicly disclose their pricing. For specific pricing information, you would need to contact them directly or schedule a free consultation. According to some available feedbacks, paid consulting starts from $300 while some packages start from $1000.

Is Shemmassian a reputable company?

Shemmassian Academic Consulting has been in the college admissions consulting industry for several years and has many positive reviews. However, there are also negative reviews and concerns raised about their services, including issues with pricing transparency and service flexibility.

Can guarantee acceptance?

No consulting service, including Shemmassian, can guarantee acceptance into a specific college or university. Admissions decisions are made by the institutions themselves and are influenced by a variety of factors, many of which are beyond the control of any consulting service.

Does Shemmassian Academic Consulting worth it?

The value of Shemmassian Academic Consulting’s services can vary depending on individual circumstances and needs. Some clients have reported positive experiences and successful outcomes, while others have raised concerns about the quality of service, pricing transparency, and flexibility. It’s important to carefully consider these factors and perhaps explore other options before making a decision.