Union Hall Advising Review

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Numerous college admission consulting services are out there, claiming to provide the best guidance, but one that has caught my attention is Union Hall Advising. Today, I’m writing this Union Hall Advising review to share my insights, including its pros and cons, to help students and their families.

And of course, as I always do, you will see not only their advantages but some grey sides that should be considered.

Before delving into the specifics of Union Hall Advising’s services, it’s important to consider the broader picture. Every service has different strengths and weaknesses; Union Hall Advising is not an exception here.

Pros & Cons of Union Hall Advising

Here, I’ve compiled a list of pros and cons based on my experience and knowledge of the college admissions consulting industry.

Union Hall Advising tailors their services to meet each student’s unique needs, ensuring a personalized and effective approach to college admissions.The pricing for their services isn’t explicitly stated on their website, which can make budgeting difficult for families.
The team at Union Hall Advising is highly knowledgeable and stays up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in college admissions.nd college advising support.The website could provide more detailed information about the qualifications and experience of their team.
They offer a free consultation for potential clients, allowing families to get a feel for their services before committing.While the Blueprint Service is a great starting point, it may not provide enough support for students who need more comprehensive guidance throughout the application process.
Their Complete Service covers every aspect of the college application process, providing students with all the support they need.There is a noticeable lack of online reviews, which could be due to their relatively recent entry into the market.
Pros and Cons of Union Hall Advising

Taking into account these pros and cons, it’s clear that Union Hall Advising has pretty much to offer. Nevertheless, like any college admission consultant’s service, it’s not without its drawbacks.

Best College Admission Consulting Firmsadmissionado logoBeMoAdmitAdvantage
ConsultantAdmissionadoBeMo ConsultingAdmit Advantage
Price Range$1,650-$9,880$3,397-$11,397$5,999-$14,999
Admissions FeatureCollegesMed schoolsLaw schools
More infoVisitVisitVisit

As I delve deeper into the specifics of their options, you’ll see how these strengths and weaknesses play out in practice.

What Are The Main College Admission Consulting Services of Union Hall Advising?

Union Hall Advising Review

Let me highlight the services offered by this academic consulting company. Union Hall Advising offers two primary services designed to meet the various needs of students and families, guiding the college admissions process.

The first is The Blueprint Service. It is a strategic roadmap for college admissions. This service is ideal for families who want masterful guidance without a lengthy engagement.

This service provides a clear and concise plan for students, whether they’re just starting high school or are in the midst of their senior year and starting to prepare to apply to colleges. The Blueprint Service is all about setting a strategic direction and helping students understand where they are now and where they want to be in the nearest future.

On the other hand, The Complete Service is an all-around package that covers every aspect of the college application process. Yes, this service is designed for families who want a more hands-on, aka individual approach, with Union Hall Advising providing a strategic roadmap and helping to execute it.

The Complete Service is all about strategy and execution, assuring that every part of the application, from the personal statement to the supplemental essays, aligns with the student’s narrative and enhances their chances of admission.

What’s Included in Those Packages?

Union Hall Advising Services

Let me give you a better understanding of these services, so you can leave all your doubts apart.

The Blueprint Service begins with an intake questionnaire that gives Union Hall Advising all they need to know about the student who applies. This information is reviewed throughout for a call with the student, their family members, and, of course – Union Hall Advising’s Head of Admissions Advising.

During this call, they spend about an hour understanding the student’s present situation and his or her future goals. Afterward, they create a strategic roadmap with specific action items to help students reach those selected goals.

Right after this call, the student and their family should have everything they need to complete their college admissions strategy, either on their own or with Union Hall Advising as their partner.

If we talk about The Complete Service, it includes multiple Blueprinting Sessions and ongoing one-on-one virtual meetings. It covers narrative strategy development and refinement, college list creation, application strategy, recommendation letter strategy, standardized testing plan, and interview sessions.

It also includes unlimited help with Personal Statement and Supplemental essay revisions, extracurricular positioning and prioritization, awards and honors positioning and prioritization, full management of timeline, deadlines, and application requirements, unlimited interview preparation, and financial aid strategy and offer optimization.

This comprehensive package ensures that every aspect of the college application process is covered, providing students with the best possible chance of gaining admission to their dream colleges.

Do They Offer any Extra or Free services?

Yes, they do. As well as Admit Advantage consulting, Union Hall Advising offers a free consultation for their potential clients. I should say that this is an excellent opportunity to get a feel for their services and see if they fit your needs.

Their Pricing and Guarantees

It’s important for me to say that the exact pricing isn’t explicitly stated on their website. This lack of transparency can make it challenging for families to understand a budget for their services.

For example, Admissionado states an exact list of prices for all their services. Nonetheless, the value they provide is evident. Union Hall Advising offers expert guidance and a la carte services to help students gain acceptance at their dream colleges.

I have found information that the starting point for their services is around $999. Comparing to other companies on the market this pricing is quite accessible.

Union Hall Advising Pricing

As for guarantees, they promise to provide an advocate throughout the entire process, ensuring that students are putting out the best applications possible.

Professionalism in Terms of Union Hall Advising Reviews Available Online

As all we know, online reviews can be a good indicator of a company’s expertise. Union Hall Advising has received positive reviews, with many students and families expressing satisfaction with the services offered.

Union Hall Advising Reviews

Grey Areas of Union Hall Advising

While Union Hall Advising offers excellent services, a few areas could use improvement.

Firstly, unlike the BeMo college consulting website, the pricing isn’t transparent, making it difficult for families to budget for their services. 

Secondly, worth to mention that the website could provide more detailed information about the qualifications and experience of their internal team of consultants. Good example of a college consulting company with exact details of their admission consultants is A-List Education, which has partnered with Testive nowadays.

Finally, while they offer a free consultation, providing a trial period for their services would be beneficial—or at least they could give an extra trial hour of consultation with their advisors if the family decides to use their services.


Union Hall Advising is a top-notch college admissions consulting service despite these earlier-mentioned minor drawbacks. Their personalized approach, expert guidance, and extensive services make them a valuable partner in the college admissions process.

I can surely recommend them to students and families who are already in the process or just starting college admissions.


How much does Union Hall Advising cost?

While exact pricing isn’t explicitly stated on their website, the starting point for their services is around $999.

Is UnionHallAdvising a reputable company?

Yes, Union Hall Advising has received positive reviews, and their team consists of highly knowledgeable professionals in the field of college admissions.

Can UnionHallAdvising.com guarantee acceptance?

No, they can’t. While Union Hall Advising provides expert guidance and personalized services to enhance a student’s chances, no consulting firm can guarantee college acceptance, as final decisions rest with the colleges themselves.

Does Union Hall Advising worth it?

In my opinion, yes. Despite some minor drawbacks, the personalized approach, expert guidance, and comprehensive services offered by Union Hall Advising make them a valuable partner in the college admissions process.